Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Anybody Know Where to Sell My Car for the Most Money?

I just bought a different car because school starts and I have to drive a fair distance to clinical and to the college.

I don't know the best way to get rid of the old one. So, I've been asking myself where I sell my car and get the most money for it.

Here's what I found. Thanks to this Bought on Credit site I found a lot of info I was looking for. So I have it at my figure tips, I'm "reblogging" that article under fair use :)

BTW, this 300C in the photo looks just like the one I just got:

Anders Printz (CC-BY-2.0) Flickr

Condition matters

The condition of your automobile can determine the location of the sale, along with the price you will receive. A good running vehicle can be sold by you, as a private party, to many different people and businesses in your local community or states away -- both of which will depend on where you advertise. If you have a junk vehicle, you may be able to find a salvage yard or a charity that accepts used car donations, as well. We'll look at a few options where to sell your car in this article. First, though, let's determine its condition.

What do I need to do to sell my car?

It's important to determine what shape your vehicle is in before you sell it. This will ultimately shape its future. A good starting place is a vehicle pricing database, such as Kelley Blue Book.

After you find its ballpark value, you can look over the details of your own machine and its flaws. If there are mechanical problems, you would want to make sure the price reflects it. If the car is rusty and is an older model, the price, again, will need to reflect this.

At this point, you should have a rough idea about your vehicle's worth.

Selling jalopies on eBay?

A classic, such as an early '70s Monte Carlo, could potentially be sold on eBay for a nice profit.

But you may not have a classic -- just a regular old jalopy.

It's possible to sell your clunker on eBay, but it may not be worth fielding questions via email, hoping that the bid will go through.

You also have to remember that the site will take a percentage of the sale. If you have a classic, it might be worth a shot to sell on eBay because its rarity may fetch a higher price than you could get by selling it in your local area.

Local online marketplaces

Listing your vehicle on craigslist is an easy way, I think. I've sold four different vehicles on there over the last few years.

I've found that you have to market your car fairly aggressively, but it does pay off.

Three of the machines sold for the price I was asking. One sold for about $300 less, but I just wanted to get rid of that car and was willing to take the hit.

If you can hold out on your price, you'll do fine selling here.

Used car auto lots

A used car auto dealer is another option. This one, though, will not be very profitable unless they have a push, pull, or drag sale.

A push, pull, or drag sale can be benefit you because the used car auto dealer will provide you with a minimum amount of money if you choose to trade your jalopy in on a different model.

Many used car dealers will provide a low amount. Remember, they are there to make money. One note: Go to a buy here pay here place and you'll be low-balled, for sure.

Friends, family, co-workers

Friends and co-workers are another good source of sales. I have mentioned to co-workers that I'm thinking about buying a different car, and sometimes they know a friend or a family member, who may be struggling and that's looking for a vehicle.

Because you know all about the vehicle and are a familiar face, friends and co-workers are more likely to buy your car.

Junk vehicle? Sell it to a local auto salvage yard

Your car may be a complete jalopy -- one of those unsafe, unroadworthy machines. If that's the case, you do have a couple other options where you can junk your car for the most money.

A scrap yard will accept used car donations. If fact, they will probably pay you the price of scrap metal for your junk car.

I can hear you asking about how much money you get for scrapping a car at a  junkyard.

The price of metal fluctuates daily. If, for instance, scrap metal is paying $240 a ton, your 3500 pound vehicle will be worth $420.

If you are mechanically inclined, you could sell the car piecemeal on craigslist or eBay. The times I've used this route I have made clear in the ad that the buyer will need to remove the part.

Parts that sell easily are alternators, windows, starters, tires, rims, interior components. You will be surprised at what people will buy, including engines and transmissions!

If you choose to do the piece-meal route, sell the car to a junkyard as scrap metal if you have a title.

Who still uses the newspaper?

The newspaper is another source, but, honestly, it's not worth placing an ad. (And this statement is coming from somebody who worked in a newsroom for a decade.)

Newspaper ads usually cost per line, which can be expensive for a 1 inch ad.

Besides, readership has plummeted over the last five years.
With a lack of eyeballs on your ad, you will have a difficult time selling it.

Donate cars to charity

You may also be able to donate a car as a charitable gift as long as it has a title. This may sound like a noble thing do to and may not provide you with any benefit at first glance.

It does, though. Charities that accept used car donations will give the chance to write off your gift when you file income tax.

The benefit of a car donation is a tax deduction, which may be worth more than the car if you check into it.

If your car is a jalopy, the nonprofit will, more than likely, take it, too. They will sell it to a scrap yard and use the money for their cause.

See here for more information.

Demolition derby cars

An additional option I can think of is turning your vehicle into a demolition derby car and just having fun with it.Turn your vehicle into a demolition derby car!

A demo derby involves smashing, crashing, and bashing your car into five or more vehicles in a control area. The goal is to have the last running vehicle at the end of a designated time.

This can be a good way to get your frustrations out on a lemon, not to mention all that pent up road rage!

You will need to be mechanically inclined because you'll need to remove vehicle parts, such as lights and windows and other items that could be a safety hazard.

After you finish the demo derby, you could sell the car for scrap metal or even donate it to charity.

All in all, you have a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of your vehicle. I hope this article has answered your question, where to sell my car?